From its birth in 1985 1st Galaxy Fireworks has become one of the UK's well-known firework specialists. From our humble yet very enthusiastic beginnings all those years ago the team have matured into a fabulous collection of experts all eager to please.

The company has delivered literally thousands of displays to many millions of spectators and has a long list of satisfied customers. We have a simple aim to deliver the best fireworks and firework displays at the best possible price. We don't skimp on quality for the sake of profit; our fulfilment comes from the happiness of our clients.

In recent years the company regularly deliver well over 250 shows per year all over the UK and abroad, the retail division also run 4 firework outlets in the east midlands and have a thriving mail order business sending out firework packs to customers each and every week of the year.

Recently the team at 1st Galaxy Fireworks merged with Phenomenal Fireworks in the North West to create what is probably one of the UK’s largest Firework Display operations in terms of the sheer number of annual events the team now delivers..

We always like to hear from our customers and we constantly listen to comments so we can improve our range and service... we'd love to hear from you!